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... Was easily my favorite movie of this year ^^ And 2nd favorite animated Disney film of all time:heart: (WARNING: Gushing and fan-gasming ahead!)

I saw it with my sisters and oldest niece yesterday, and I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised~

It seems I've gotten too used to corny, predictable kids-based stuff all over animation media these days, so when the trailers for this movie came up I had little doubt it would be just as dumb as the advertising made it seem, instead I got a film that was actually very reminiscent of the old style Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

The characters were all great(Elsa being my favorite, not just in this film but in Disney as a WHOLE, she's freaking amazing. And Anna is my new favorite Disney Princess as Elsa doesn't exactly count due to being a Queen canonically, and she's the most precious selfless thing I swear to god X3 their decision to have her voice actor as Kristen Bell couldn't have been more perfect. And Olaf{and omg, one of the few sidekick-type characters that doesn't jump between amusing and annoying me, and I also really appreciated the relevance he had in being a living reminder of Elsa and Anna's youth and past innocence},Kristoff and Sven are just adorkable~) the story, while shorter than I would've liked, was refreshing and really good, and even made some REALLY clever spins on typical "Disney cliches", one in particular being absolutely brilliant in my opinion without spoiling anything. And the songs... Freaking amazing, "Let it go" is EASILY the best song in the movie, and may I just say choosing Idina Menzel as Elsas voice actor may just be one of the best ideas Disney has EVER had? :meow: I just love her so much.
And "Do you wanna build a snowman" is almost as amazing and does a dramatic dip from endearing as hell to painfully heart-wrenching in the typical Disney style when it comes to their intros.(And honorable mention to For the first time in Forever, which showcased Anna in all her adorkable awesomeness, and the reprise of FTFTIF, so much power in that one~! Aswell as the highly underrated Frozen Heart and Vuelie, both doing great in starting up the film with quite abit forshadowing, and with the latter being very reminiscent of some of Circle of Life ^^) I even love the outtake songs that were introduced to the public in the Deluxe version of the Frozen soundtrack(yes, I loved the film so much I actually bought that XD I'm so hopeless~) but that's another story for another day~

The crowning jewel for this film is that its main focus is consistently on the bond between the two sisters Elsa and Anna, and how much they're willing to sacrifice for the others happiness and safety, which is a bond you (surprisingly) rarely see in Disney movies, and it really hits home for me as I too have a big sister whom is the closest person to me out of everyone I know:meow:.

All in all, this movie gets a solid 9.5/10 from me, only missing perfection due to feeling like it would've easily handled another 20 minutes or so worth of film without pushing it, and while I adore every single one of the songs in this film, yeah, they could've done abit better with spacing them out during the first act, most notably for the time period surrounding DYWBAS and FTFTIF. That and I would've liked if there had been more focus on Elsa aswell, as like I said earlier she's my favorite XD I'd also go on with how I'd have liked more background on Elsa's powers and all, but while it isn't a big deal on its own for me to be honest, as Disney has gotten away with even more out-there concepts without saying much to excuse them. The thing that almost bugs me about is is that in the beta versions of the story there WAS a decently well-put means of her having Ice abilities, and why they get so destructive when she's driven by emotion, but was apparently scrapped as it implied too much that Elsa would be a villainous character at some point, which of course, doesn't happen. Which I thought was actually a pretty good idea to not do that, as cool*no pun intended* as it might've been to see Elsa grow bitter towards the people whom had grown wary of her just for being different, making her consistently distraught and fearful of her own self made her a much deeper and sympathetic character in contrast to if she had just gone AWOL on us XD It also makes the payoff when she and the rest of the kingdom do come to terms with her all the more fulfilling, as from the start she never meant harm to anyone in acts outside of loss of control and/or self-defense.

But aside from that I adored this film to pieces, wonderful, memorable characters, amazing soundtrack, awesome story, and I'd gladly watch it again :3

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